The missing gesture layer for macOS.

Control windows and applications right from your trackpad with intuitive swipe, pinch, tap and hold gestures.

Swish Icon

More than just a window manager.

Swish features 28 easy-to-use titlebar, dock and menubar gestures that will supercharge your workflow and make you a trackpad power user.

Every detail is carefully designed to make it feel truly native to macOS.

Control windows & apps.

Swish's gestures are fast and convenient.

No need to aim for tiny buttons.

No need to reach for the keyboard.

Next-level snapping.

Swiping is the new dragging.

No more opening Mission Control on accident.

Use the familiar 2×2 grid or unlock 2×3 and 3×3 grids with a modifier key.

Window grid with Swish

Swish 😌

Pixel-perfect grid.

Your desktop never looked so clean. Swish is the only window manager to truly honor the macOS look.

The grid even adapts to dark mode and your dock setup.

Manage screens & spaces.

Swish automatically detects your multi-monitor setup, so just flick to move windows between screens.

Working with spaces also gets a major productivity boost.

Watching lots of videos? Send your player to the big screen with a single gesture.

Swish Screenshot 1

Stay in control.

The settings window explains everything in detail. Gestures can be toggled on or off.

There's also a quick tutorial to get you started.

People love it!

Using Swish has become second nature.

Leander J.

Love Swish as if it were a child.

Jack W.

My new MacBook felt so incomplete until I installed Swish.

Tarun A.

Saves me so much time every day!

Jan H.

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Frequently asked.

How is Swish different from Magnet & Moom?

Once you have gotten used to it, Swish is way faster and more accurate than its dragging-based cousins, especially on a multi-monitor setup. No more accidentally opening Mission Control while dragging windows to the to top or fumbling around on screen edges. Also, Swish lets you manage screens & spaces and does much more than just snapping windows.

How is Swish different from BetterTouchTool?

Swish is designed to feel like a truly native feature of macOS. This involves a lot of custom internal logic, making it less customizable but way more elegant than BetterTouchTool. Also, Swish requires no configuration whatsoever, everything just works right out of the box.

With BetterTouchTool however, you can define app-specific gestures and completely redesign your MacBook's TouchBar, so there is definitely value in using both.

Does Swish work with a mouse?

Swish is primarily designed for the Magic Trackpad, but also works well with the Magic Mouse (except tap & hold unfortunately). Third party mice and trackpads vary wildly, so just download the free trial and check for yourself.

How do I swipe/pinch in one direction multiple times?

A full Swish gesture ends with you lifting your fingers. To invoke the same direction multiple times, pause your finger movement momentarily (until you feel haptic feedback) and then continue the motion without lifting inbetween.

Do gestures only work on window toolbars?

As to not interfere with system scrolling and zooming behavior, the window toolbar/titlebar serves as a safe area for gestures. You can set a Super Modifier key to enable gestures anywhere on a window. Gestures also work on windows in Mission Control.

How do I disable gestures?

Just click on a gesture's icon in the preferences window to enable or disable it.

Swish has stopped working!

On rare occasions, apps may lose their system privileges without reflecting that change in the UI. Go to System Preferences › Security › Privacy › Accessibility and re-check Swish in the application list. If this does not help, try removing and re-adding Swish.

Also, please make sure all gestures are checked in System Preferences › Trackpad › Scroll & Zoom.

Will Swish drain my battery?

Swish is very efficient. Due to a limitation on Apple's side though, Swish needs to listen to all mouse movement. This averages to well below 1% for most users, so any impact on battery life won't be noticeable. Swish also stays below 20MB of RAM if you don't open its settings window during use.

Why is Swish not on the App Store?

Apple only allows sandboxed apps on the App Store. Swish needs to perform low-level system operations which prevent it from being sandboxed. Read more here.

What is Setapp? Is there a subscription?

Not if you don't want to! You can buy a full license for Swish with no recurring costs.

If you sign up for Setapp, you will get access to Swish and 180+ other high-quality Mac apps for a flat monthly fee.

How often can I use one license?

One Swish license includes two activations. Please remember to unlink your license in the About settings tab if you are moving to another Mac.

How long does the trial last?

10 days.

What are the system requirements?

macOS 10.13 and above. Plus a multitouch input device, of course.

Any tips?

For uncluttering your Dock, enable Minimize Windows into Application Icon, which works like a charm with Swish's (un)-minimize gesture.

To get even more out of your trackpad, turn on Three Finger Dragging.